Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New videos and stuff!

Kind of lagging on updating this, but I have some updates to post.

First off, I have this video finally finished. I think it might be the weirdest thing I ever made. So much so that I sat on it for over a year because by the time I finished shooting and editing it I realized it didn't really work and I didn't know how to make it work. I guess after a year I just embraced that it is what it is and released it. Props to Jordan Garcie for making the sweet song, which is way better than the video deserves.

Also, I hate dancing so I'm not sure how I convinced myself to do my terrible dancing skills running around Sunset Blvd. (It's supposed to be a weird homage to Footloose BTW).

Next up, I have this short that I starred in. This is a channel 101 short, which is a monthly screening of webseries episodes where the audience gets to pick what they want to see next month because they only pick the top 5. I went to channel 101 two years ago and watched a short from a pair of filmmakers that I loved and I talked to them in hopes of being able to work with them in the future. It took two years, but I was able to be in this. We also got voted into the top 5 so be on the lookout for more of these.

Other than that, I have a Hand Fart screening as part of the San Diego Asian Film Festival and I recently finished up shooting on my first music video for my friend Peter Su. I'll be trying to get that done for the end of the month so I'll post that as well.