Friday, March 10, 2017

Music Video and other stuffs

Forgot to make updates for a while. The Channel 101 show that I starred in got cancelled in the February screening. It was sad, but we got voted in 7th place so we didn't make the top 5 to be able to make a 4th episode.
Also, my first music video that I directed actually made it's online debut a few months ago. My friend Peter Su, who I met at We own the 8th, asked me to direct it. It's not the typical material that I usually make, but I was excited to try out the medium and I like his music. It was a cool experience and I'm definitely excited about making more in the future. It was even recently featured on the Huffington Post, which was cool.

Other than that I recently started co-directing another short with Vince Cruz who brought me on. It'll be playing at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival so I'm excited I have something playing two years in a row.

Handfart got into the Nashville Film Festival, so its first Non-Asian Festival screening. Also working on some more shorts. Blah blah blah.