Saturday, October 21, 2017

Youtube Milestone and other updates

Recently got back from a trip to Europe. Lately I've been getting into international travel with a small group of friends. For the most part we just eat. Last year, it was Tokyo and this year we decided to go for Europe and knock out London and Paris. For those interested, it's mostly logged on my instagram account and it starts with this post below.

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I've otherwise been writing a lot lately. Have been working on the same short for a long time, but have also recently finished writing a pilot and a feature film. I also recently got accepted as a writer for the 2018 CBS Diversity Sketch Showcase. Been having trouble acclimating myself into writing for that CBS showcase though, so we will see how that will develop. Otherwise, just been working the grind. Holidays are coming up and it starts to slow down then. Hopefully I can get another short made before the end of the year. Writing is rewarding in itself, but I find myself missing the accomplishment of finishing a film of my own.

 Also, this is crazy. I recently checked out my youtube page and saw that I have had over 10 million views logged. Over 99% of the views are from the Pac-Man viral video I made over 10 years ago now. I really wish some of my more recent works would have caught on, but it's fine. 10,000,000.... damn.

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