Sunday, December 19, 2021

Campaign to save my account on the Youtube Partner Program!


I got a notice a few days ago that my Youtube channel would be taken off of the partner program became of a lack of views. I have 30 days to save it if I can bring numbers back up. I haven't been posting lately, but I do want to save my partner status. 
I decided to do a mini campaign to get some views on older content. Could make for some interesting reads for anyone that cares.

This is apparently my first upload. There were 350 students in my graduating class and as a Wong I was one of the last to be called at graduation. I remember I was so bored that I decided that I was going to do something stupid on stage to make things interesting. I bet the guy behind me $10 that I was going to do an action roll on stage before grabbing my diploma. He didn't think I had it in me. He didn't know the real me. I had no doubts at all even though I had never done "an action roll" before in my life. I walked up the stairs and was trying to figure out the distancing so I wouldn't break my neck or something. My name got called out and I did my dumb little roll and got up and shook my principal's hand. He said "I'm very disappointed in you, Stanley." and I just said thanks and went on my way, but not before realizing I dropped my hat and had to go back to get it. I waited right at the stairs though with my hand out and the guy behind me put a $10 bill in my hand and said "Shit.......". Shout outs to my dad for celebrating in a way I've never heard from him before too.