Sunday, February 21, 2021

Godzilla Party

It's been a very long time since I posted last. A lot has happened in the time since my last short to say the least. I won't get into it, but I did want to take some time to highlight the fact that I'm finally releasing my last short, Godzilla Party.

Three years ago I set out to make my biggest and most ambitious project to date. I wanted to make something that I hadn't seen before and to really push the narrative form. Figuring out the movie was a struggle to say the least, but after doing reshoots and some heavy editing after loads of feedback I finally got the movie to the state that it's currently in. It's a very strange movie, but I can say that I really went for it. I want to list and thank everyone who was involved in making this because it was a lot of people.

Godzilla Party
A couple heads to a party to scout out a "unicorn", believing it to be the key to saving their relationship. The girl hosting the party desperately waits for a guy to show up. Sitcom hilarity ensues, literally.

Executive Producers - Andrew Yeates, Miguel "Space Jam" Degala, and Sean O'Hare
Producers - Byron Q., Stanley Wong
Co-Producers - Jessica Blanc, Felicia Ho, Janna Stucky
Associate Producers - Vu Tra, Peter Su, Dahdeh Daycare, Patrick Dorsey
Directors - Stanley Wong & Travis Ashkenasy
Writers - Stanley Wong & Travis Ashkenasy, Felicia Ho, Claire Jia

Camille - Cynthia San Luis
Leo - Stanley Wong
Emma - Madeleine Hernandez
Nick - Dante Swain
Dan - Jayme Andrews
Frieda - Alexa Giuffre
Frank - Tiger Sheu
Chong - Travis Ashkenasy

1st AD - Phil Fox
2nd AD - Mico Ramos
Production Coordinator - Nathan Hewitt
Cinematographer - Nathaniel Elegino
Camera Operators - Lizzete Flores, Jack Winemiller
Rigging Gaffer - Harper Thomas
Production Designer - Emily Peters
Set Dresser - Harry Du Young
Hair/Makeup Artist - Nikki Orrett
Editor - Phil Fox, Stanley Wong
Sound Editor - Jonathan Lee
Colorist - Taylor Mahony
Sound Mixer - Nico Pierce
Sound Designer - Peter Fineberg
Key Grip - Vince Cruz
Visual Effects - Matt Awad
Casting Director - Crystal Lujan
PAs - Jimmy Chang, Gary Mei
Theme Song - Christopher Del Rosario & Calvin Chiang
Theme Song Singer - Bobby Halvorson
Poster & Shirt Designer - Andrew Tuazon

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