Tuesday, January 18, 2022

"Backflip off of wall" Retrospective


Getting back to posting about some of my old videos again. This is the second video on my account. This was a random night being bored at the LSU dorms my freshman year. I don't know why, but while completely sober me and my friends decided to see if we could do a backflip off the wall. We did no research on how to do it properly. We just went outside and tried to see if we could do it. 
I think I was the only one who actually tried. My thinking was that I needed to try to run up the wall as much as possible and then spring off the wall to pull off the flip. This clearly did not work and I only found out later that what I did was almost the complete opposite of what you're supposed to do.
I didn't get hurt attempting any of these. I actually did it like 5-6 times, but this one was the funniest one. I cut before I get up and brush myself off, ready to go again. I remember my uncle saw the video and thought it was really stupid and asked me "Do you think that's what courage is?" I just looked at him plainly and said "Yes."
I never did try doing a backflip off the wall again. But I do think it took courage to just go outside and just try it for no reason. It's also very stupid too, but sometimes there's a bit of overlap.


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