Monday, November 3, 2014

Wrapped on Short #1

Recently finished principal photography on the end of the world shoot. I Acted, Co-wrote, Co-directed, and Co-produced and will eventually add the editing credit to it. I wanted a co-director actually because I personally find it to be really hard to act and direct at the same time. I think because I started off as such a technical minded person, when I'm in front of the camera I find myself looking at all of the technical stuff in front of me and I can't help but think about that stuff and I usually step out of the character. I think this time it wasn't too bad since I had a co-director. I tried to not look at playback or even the monitor unless an opinion was really needed on my part.

Overall, I think the production went really well though. We had a 5 person crew, which technically makes it the biggest production I was able to assemble in Los Angeles. Most of the sketch comedy videos I had made recently have been super low key and usually it's just 1-2 person crew tops. I was able to borrow a camera from one friend, lights and sound equipment from another friend, and get most of the cast and crew to work for free. So yeah, it's good to know I can get a decent production together on a shoestring budget. Technically the biggest expense was lunch, which I always splurge on because I feel like a production with good food is a good production.

I'm trying to get this finished for this media showcase that is occurring on Dec. 8th, so it'll be done pretty soon. I'll post about it as things get done. I supposedly have another shoot set for this weekend, it's not as likely to happen though... we'll see...

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