Thursday, October 23, 2014

Falling through

So I had another gig just fall through again. This time it was for a huge movie, but it would have been a smaller role. The whole process was really strange actually.

I auditioned for a one line role for this movie about a month ago and didn't hear anything. Three weeks later I got an email saying I didn't get that role, but they were looking to put me in another role and they would let me know in a few days. A few days later they said I would have a meeting with the director the next day at the studio. At this point, I still don't know what the role is for and it seems really strange to have a "meeting" with a director for such a small role. If it was a small role at all. I still had no idea what it was for and I asked my manager if he could divulge any details at all. After a long while he tells me "they want you to drool nerdy".

The next day I show up to the studio in a graphic tee and a hoodie (my nerdy look, or at least as far as I was willing to go). I wander to the stage where I'm supposed to meet and I see like 10 other people dressed as nerds just standing outside including one in a full batman getup. I assume this is where I was supposed to stand and I just wait there for about 20 minutes. Finally someone shows up and says that they're actually in the middle of a shooting schedule and we would "meet" the director when they had a break between setups. Finally we get some details of what the role is. It apparently involves stunts and doesn't "involve acting at all". After another 20 minutes or so of waiting outside we finally start going through the stage in a line. As we're walking through, the casting director tells us "Isn't this the weirdest thing? The director was very insistent on not having a stunt person. He wanted comedic faces." Finally our "meeting" comes up. One by one we walked up, waved hi to the director, they took our picture, then they told us to leave. That was it. We waited for about an hour and we were pretty much out of there in less than 10 seconds.

When I got back, everyone was curious to know how my meeting went. When I went around telling people that I had a meeting with the director I was under the impression it would be a more involved interaction than an audition when in fact it was less. I think everyone shared my disappointment. The next day I got an email from my manager telling me that apparently they did have to go with a stunt person after all. Funny enough, this wasn't even the first time this happened. I got replaced by a stunt person when I got a role in the movie "Oldboy" by Spike Lee. But yeah.... basically I feel like I hyped things up for myself and I now have another "miss" to add to my belt for the year. I've got another prospect that came up yesterday that I'm not gonna tell anyone about. Hopefully that will be the ticket to booking...

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