Thursday, January 15, 2015

Not sixteen enough and martial arts

So the first few weeks of the new year have passed and I've already has some big opportunities. One was for a series regular role in a pilot and the other was for a small role in a really established TV show. The only problem was that the first one asked for someone 18-20 years old and the second was asked for someone 16.

It's no real secret... but I'm not an actual teenager. I have been able to play teenaged roles despite being older and I mostly go for auditions as the 18-21 year old. Sixteen is pushing it a little though. I actually thought I did really well in the first audition, but I found out later that they changed the breakdown to looking for 16-18 year olds so I guess I wasn't going to get it regardless of how well I did. Still, they say to book the room, not necessarily the role. So I feel like they'll probably call me in for something else once there's something right. As I left, she asked me "Do you know Martial Arts? We're casting for something and I think you might be a good fit for it." Everyone tells me I should have said yes, but I said no. This was maybe the 3rd time I was asked if I know martial arts, probably because I'm Asian. Unfortunately, as far as Asians go, I'm not that Asian. At least not in the knowing a fighting style department. Should I pick something up for the future? I'll.... think about it.

The second audition was especially tough because it was also for a well established casting director. I remember looking around at the other actors in the waiting room and thinking... I bet a lot of these guys are actual teenagers and these kids are wondering what the hell I'm even doing here... I don't usually get nervous for auditions, but I could feel my heart beating already. When I finally got called in, the casting director looked at me and immediately asked "So how old are you?" Now, I'm told that they can never actually ask this question and yet this was the second time I was straight up asked about my age. This time I was prepared with the answer I was taught by my teachers "I'm over 18." After hearing that, I feel like I could tell that he knew it was an understatement. About halfway through my read he just stopped looking at me and nerves started setting in even more and I just started falling apart. Long story short... I don't think I'm getting that role either.

It's only a few weeks in so we'll see where we go from here, but it's pretty interesting/exciting already so far!

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