Saturday, January 10, 2015

Year in review 2014

I might be a little late on this post, but better late than never!

It's been a good year for sure I feel. Overall I feel like I've been progressing despite some other hickups. Workwise, I found a consistent way to create income by freelance assistant editing/editing for Collegehumor. This provided me the schedule leniency to still go out on auditions and such. On that note, I was also able to sign with a manager, commercial agent, and theatrical agent this year. I've auditioned more times this year than I probably have my entire life combined. That said, I didn't book anything this year (I did book a commercial, but I got cut out). I did get to go on bigger auditions and have gotten close numerous times though so it's not all a loss. So yeah, I now have my worklife figured out and I'm in a comfortable position on the acting front.

Creative wise, I created a couple of web shorts (Braggy Snitch stuff) that I was pretty proud of. Near the end of the year I did a short film (Five Minutes) that I think is really cool and was something I had always wanted to shoot. When I came out to Los Angeles, I had to find my network of people to work with and what resources I would have available to me and I think now I'm pretty much at a comfortable level for that as well. I attempted to write my feature length script with a partner and that went through a couple of hickups. It's likely I'll have to finish that on my own, but I definitely developed the idea a lot more and I'm really excited about working on that. Hopefully next year I get it written and take the steps to get it made.

To end things I guess I've give my mini version of my favorite movies of the year (though I still have to catch a couple)

1. Whiplash - This Sundance hit just had a great energy to it and was funny and had some genuine surprises in it (a feat that rarely happens for me these days). J.K. Simmons should win best supporting actor for sure and someone I'll definitely be watching for in the future.

2. Lego Movie - I might be a little biased since it's made by the guys who made Jump Street, but I found the comedy to just be so on point and, to top it all off, it actually had a very deep message behind it. While watching this movie, I couldn't help but feel jealousy because it was the exact kind of movie that I would want to make.

3. Birdman - This movie was just so cool. It's not a movie that blew me away from the story necessarily, but the way it told was just so unique... As you may know it's made to look like one shot, but it's not a gimmick at all and it actually gives the movie a really cool energy and makes the performances really dynamic. Kudos to the decision to have the entire soundtrack be a crazy cool drum soundtrack throughout. A great example of how you go about a story is as important if not more important than what it's about.

I've still yet to see Inherent Vice, Boyhood, Selma, and a host of others so maybe I'll revise in the future.

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