Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New video and new goals

Came in just about in time for a monthly update. I finally finished the VFX for a weird video I did a few months ago. By finished the VFX, I mean I attempted to do the VFX myself, found out that it was too hard, delegated it to someone else, found out that they thought it was too hard too, then delegated finally to another person and they did it. It honestly didn't come out as great as I had wanted, even though I wanted it to look kind of simple, but it's fine! Enjoy it for what it is. An excuse to attempt to do VFX.

Had a talk with a friend about what to do career wise and I'm starting to hear the same advice that I pretty much heard when I first got out here, only now it's starting to make sense. I need to make more stuff. A lot more stuff. So I'm attempting that.

Been working on standup stuff, even though I still haven't tried it yet. I legitimately was going to sign up one night though, it's just that I got there too late and they wouldn't let me sign up. BUT THIS WEEK IT WILL HAPPEN FOR SURE.

Finished a grant proposal for the Armed with a Camera Fellowship. I submitted a very weird idea though, so I don't have high hopes that I'll get accepted. But at least I tried right?! I got rejected last year, but back then I was trying to write something that would cater to "Asian" sensibilities. This time I'm doing my own thing, so we'll see if that works out.

Which brings us to writing. I've been actively trying to write a TV pilot, my feature film (which has taken me years to even figure out), and a channel 101 short. These will be the larger scale projects that I have on the horizon that I hope to finish soon. All the while I'll still be making weird little shorts as well. Anyways, that's all for now.

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