Thursday, November 12, 2015

Whole bunch of stuff

Another monthish. A lot of stuff to cover.

So I did end up getting the Armed with a Camera Fellowship. It is for my script called Handfart so it was great to get a phone call one day asking for my thought process behind Handfart. Despite all of my friends saying that I was wasting my time submitting that particular script it actually ended up paying off. Even though last year I submitted my take on Asian Identity because I thought that's what they wanted, apparently I should have just submitted something really weird.

I recently just came back from a meeting where everyone explained their projects. Five of the eight fellows were women. Two were making something about their experience about being gay. Two were documentaries on their experiences in America as a foreigner. Etc etc etc.... Mine is about a guy who finds out he's going to die if he keeps making fart noises with his hands. Needless to say, I think everyone else there didn't seem too impressed with my proposal. But it's exciting! In the thoughts for casting now and I recently got a production coordinator from Collegehumor agree to help produce so things are on the way. This will be one of my biggest projects I've made in years.

I also decided to finish a film for the we own the 8th showcase that is happening at the end of the year. I also went to those meetings for the first time in a year and attended a screen fighting workshop with one of the current power rangers. So yeah, I have another weird video in the works. It'll involve dancing and false inspirational quotes. I commissioned my friend to do a cheesy 80's song for the video as well and he also did "Fight to the Top" for my video "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie" and that was the bee's knees.

Never did an open mic yet. I guess I've been busy with other things lately. I did start this class that is kind of based around it and have been developing my skills on it. I just need to find the time to actually just go and do it. I'd still like to try it out, I just have to find the time.

I guess I forgot to mention I went to a private screening for The Big Short. My part is cut a little short, but thinking back on it after everything, I think it's my biggest role yet. It's also getting an awards push currently so it's getting a lot of good press. I personally found the movie to be ok. I think they should have taken more risks with the storytelling. They definitely don't try to dumb things down, which I appreciated, but it also made it drag a little bit. Definitely an interesting movie though. Unfortunately I can't go to the official premiere in NYC and I wasn't invited to the AFI Festival premiere so I guess that's my end of the run. I did get to talk to Ryan Gosling again and he congratulated me on the role as well as Hamish Linklater, Jeremy Strong, and Adam McKay. A lot of people went up and said they really enjoyed my part actually so that's cool. A lot of other times, people don't particularly recognize me. The director even made a point to say that it gets the biggest laughs in test screenings.

So yeah, the year is wrapping up, but I'm trying to go out with a bang. Maybe I'll write more. Feel like I might have forgotten something...

Here's a cool video in the meantime that'll be a preview of sorts for the next video

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