Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SAG Awards Recap pt 2

Picking up where the last one left off. Been really busy because Pilot season has been starting and I've been getting a lot more auditions. That and I'm shooting Hand Fart this weekend, which will be the biggest shoot I've done in pretty much my whole life. Anyways...

So, the award show kind of starts. I hadn't really watched award shows lately, so I didn't really remember what to expect. But when people ask me what it was like to be at the actual award show, I mostly just tell them that it's like watching it at home except you get to eat really bland food. I would say that only about half the people there were eating the food. The portions were really small too. I actually finished all of my food before the first award even got announced. I remember Steve Carell's wife, Nancy Carell, immediately noticed and asked if I wanted her food because she wasn't going to be eating it and I said no I shouldn't. Then she just plopped her plate down on top of mine and I was like ok....

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Apparently the big moment when The Big Short was announced as a best cast ensemble nominee, the camera did a sweeping pan on everyone at the table. I didn't even realize it was going on so I was just eating at the time. A lot of my friends said it looked rehearsed, but even if it wasn't, it was so "me" that they thought it was the great moment of the awards for them.
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An interesting thing, I remember the first time I left to go to the bathroom and came back there was this guy that was sitting at my seat. I didn't know what was going on so I asked him what was up and he said "Oh, someone told me sit here." I didn't know if I was being relocated or something, but we had assigned seats and my spot had my name on it and everything. Eventually I figure out that every time you get up they have professional seat fillers to take your spot. I was kind of wondering why when I first sat down the guy who was sitting at Ryan Gosling's spot was definitely not Ryan Gosling....

During commercial breaks is when people tend to get up and start talking to everyone else. Considering I don't really know that many other people in this elite crowd, I was mostly talking to Jeffry and the people at my table. At one point Steve Carell and I talked a bit and I mentioned that I ate his wife's food and he offered me his food, which I tried to refuse again, but then he put his plate on top of mine so I just ate his plate too. I made a point to try to talk to people who I knew were originally from the New Orleans area so I went up and talked to Anthony Mackie (Captain America, Hurt Locker) and Jay Duplass. Both were super nice and happy to see that another Louisiana guy was around. I introduced myself as Stanley, but they made a point to ask for my full name. I guess hopefully in the future we'll run into each other again. They were both disappointed to hear that I was actually from the Mandeville area instead of the "proper" New Orleans area though. I tried talking to Ellie Kemper since we both worked on 21 Jump Street together, but she was too busy talking to Tina Fey for me to get a word in at that time. Jeffry wanted to get a word in with Leonardo DiCaprio, but he usually had a line of people trying to talk to him during breaks.

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So coming into the award show, I had read some predictions on who would win the big award. The Big Short was favored, but it was still a bit of a coin toss between it and Spotlight. Unfortunately the award was announced and Spotlight got it. It was a huge disappointment because I was really looking forward to being able to go up on stage. Once that award was announced, it ended pretty quickly and everyone started shuffling towards the after party.

I'll make a pt 3. Too long again.

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