Sunday, February 28, 2016

SAG Awards Recap pt 3

The food there was a little better. It was super crowded in the after party and I have a feeling that they opened it up to more people because there were a lot of people I didn't recognize. Eventually I found out that there was a reserved table for people from The Big Short and I got to sit and talk with Adam McKay and Maria Tomei a bit. It was there that I found out that there was a cooler after party that was happening at Sunset Tower. They didn't stay long and eventually they left and I decided to walk around and try to talk to random people as well.
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Going to mainly hurry it up since I've taken forever on this....

So basically I walked around and got to talk to random people here and there. We eventually met up with these people who were producers/actors who were really cool and actually interested in what we had to say. They eventually asked us if we wanted to go out with them to dinner and then partying afterward or something. Jeffry said we shouldn't leave the party just yet, so we decided to meet up with them later. We basically stayed at the party for another hour or so and then called the private car to go meet up with those people. On the way we got our SAG Swag bag though. It mostly had makeup and stuff we really couldn't use though.

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So then we started heading to the restaurant where they were at. When we got dropped off, there was like a lobby that we had to check in with and they asked us which party we were with. We told them the name of the person we knew and they said it wasn't on record, so then I had to text the person and ask them under who's name it was and eventually they told us. So we finally go up there and tell them who it was and they say we're only allowed to bring one person down, but we could get in contact with them to see if they wanted to bring more than one. So, I texted them again telling them those details and waited even longer. While we were waiting, we were talking to these girls who were also waiting to hear from their party to allow them to go up. They asked us why we were in tuxedos and we started cheesing and saying we just came from the SAG awards and we were in the big short and they started geeking out and asking to take pictures. The host came up to us and said we were allowed to up now and we told them we wanted to sit back and talk to these ladies a little longer. Eventually they got the confirmation to go up and we were like oh, we'll follow you. Then the host was like "Actually, your party is leaving and you're not allowed to go up anymore." So we had to stay in the lobby, which was embarrassing. Eventually the people we met came down and apologized and said that they were tired and going to go home. So, me and Jeffry attempted to go to the next party.

We had heard from Adam McKay earlier about the exclusive party at Sunset Tower so we asked our driver to take us there. We got dropped off and tried to walk in, but we were stopped by a guard who asked for our name. So I gave my name and he said we weren't on the list. I told them the director of The Big Short said we could get in blah blah and he basically just cut me off and said that's not how it works. So we kind of got double rejected, so at this point we didn't really have anywhere to go, which was disappointing because I didn't want the night to really end. We didn't really have any ideas at this point so I remembered that one of my friends was having a karaoke birthday thing at a bar so we drove to there. We walked in and just sang Karaoke with some friends. Some people were wondering why Jeffry was in a tuxedo and he would say he came from an awards show. Other people just asked me if I worked at the karaoke bar since the owner was Korean or something.... eventually we all left from there and I told my friend if he needed a ride back to our apartment building we all shared in a private car since they walked and we "rode back in style".

Anyways, that's basically it. Oscar party is tomorrow. Hopefully there's something interesting to say about that.

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