Monday, October 13, 2014

Almost, but not yet

So I recently auditioned for a role in a movie where there weren't many lines, but I would be around for the whole movie. So basically something like that I had for 21 Jump Street so it would have been a pretty sweet deal. I submitted a tape to my Louisiana agent for it and a few weeks later they asked for my availability since I was being considered for the role.

I usually try not to get too excited because things aren't official until they're official (there was the time where I was told I was booked for a role and shot the next day and then two hours later it was given to someone else because they had stunt experience). But they didn't get back to me in a week and I started just telling people the "good news". Unfortunately today, I found out that I wasn't cast and now I kind of immediately regret telling anyone at all. Kind of sucks, but I guess there's always the next one. I think from now on I'm not going to tell anyone anything until after something comes out. It's always more fun when people message me saying they had no idea I was even in this or that.

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