Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Short auditions, weird convos, and talking cats

Not sure if I'll actually be writing posts once a day, but I figure I'm on a roll so far so why not?

I went to an audition today for a tv show. I was auditioning for four different roles actually, but each of the roles were pretty much one line that was between 1-6 words. The night before I watched a couple episodes of the show, thought about the wardrobe, tone of the show, genre, what the people who made it did before, where my character would fit in this world, etc etc etc. All this stuff that I learned in class that I should do. Then I showed up, and did four 5 second auditions for the lady and I was out of there. It's crazy to think, but I guess that's the business I'm in....

On my way back I stopped at a trader joe's and saw the wife of one of the directors from 21/22 Jump Street and had a weird conversation. Didn't really know what to say... was kind of in a hurry, but it was basically pretty awkward on my part. Oh well, hopefully it doesn't reflect too poorly. Here's a link to a video I saw last night of a talking cat that's pretty amazing.

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