Sunday, October 12, 2014

New sketch comedy video up!

We have a new video up on my sketch comedy team's page. All Asians Look Alike (An Action Thriller). This from was from an idea my brother pitched to me years and years ago, but we never got around to making it. When I got around to making sketch videos again this one was kind of a favorite in the pitch sessions. I was originally going to be in it, but because at the time we were a small operation I wanted to run the camera so I could try a handful of cool shots. Looking at it now... there aren't really that many cool shots though.

Thanks to Harrison Pak, Desmond Chiam, Tim Montoya, and Jinhee Joung (Kimmy Jin from Pitch Perfect) for agreeing to be in our video. Also to Romero's Chicken and Donuts for allowing us to shoot there.

A lot of people are confused by the ending. Does anyone else not get it?

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