Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gonna be a busy month

So I haven't been able to post everyday. I don't think I should... there's isn't always something to say.

That and over the next month I'm gonna be working on producing at least 3 different short film projects. I recently started going to these #Weownthe8th meetings that is run by Dante Basco who played Rufio in the movie "Hook". Anyways, they're holding a media showcase of sorts on Dec 8th and they broke people into groups to create content for it. I was already looking to shoot a couple of different things and this deadline provided a good excuse. Here's what I have going so far....

I broke into a group who wanted to make a musical of some sort. The idea developed and we eventually decided that it would be about following people's lives going through a shitty day. Before long a song was made and I came up with a pretty crazy idea for a video. This one is the most elaborate and may not end up happening, but I'm excited about it. I'm directing/editing, but won't be in it.

Second project is based on a anthology concept I came up with some friends back in New Orleans. It's basically what people would do if they had literally 5-10 minutes left before the world ended. I decided to shoot the one that seemed the easiest and the concept for that is a guy deciding that he wants to confess his love to a girl. When he gets to the girl's apartment he starts spewing it out but within seconds another guy comes in and confesses his love to the same girl as well. Hijinks ensue. I'll be co-directing/acting in this one.

Last project will be a short comedy sketch based on the experience I had with a voiceover agent. I submitted to be represented by her and she responded that they currently weren't looking for anyone who had an Asian accent, but they would let me know when they did. Only problem... I don't have an accent at all. It was silly.

Anyways, too lazy to write more. But it'll be a busy month. I also submitted an application to this Armed With A Camera Fellowship which is basically a grant program for Asian American filmmakers to get a short film made. We'll see how that goes too. Oh yeah, and I'm still attempting to finish writing this feature film I've been working about my high school days.

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